Self Build Projects

R. Brown & Sons Structures can help you to build your dream home. Our years of delivering the most complex of Timber Frame and SIPS structures means we can provide the best solution to give you exactly what you want from your new home with no compromises.

We can offer the self builder a full design, manufacture and installation service. Our profile offering of SIPS panels, timber frame, roof trusses, floor joists and timber products means we are versatile to meet all your needs to help create the dream project. We would be delighted to guide you through your project.

Stages of a self build project

Once you have the vision and you know your goals for the self build project you will need to think about location. Finding the right plot for you is extremely important. There are many things to think about including site feasibility, ensure all services are available, no public access across the land and checking on ground contamination as well as many other considerations.

Start turning your visions into reality. Appoint an architect preferably with local knowledge that can create a design to suit your requirements and help with cost implications, time scales, planning aesthetic requirements access and neighbouring properties. The architect should be able to provide guidance regarding clearing site and any required groundworks detailing. The architect can also advise on the installation of services.

We can work alongside your architect to ensure the design is workable as a timber frame or Sip building system. We will also be able to give you budget prices for the timber frame or SIP package for your project.

Once plans have been finalised your architect can submit plans for planning permission and building regulations approval. It is important to do this at the earliest opportunity.

The actual build - how do you undertake it? You can take a few options at this stage. You may want to manage the build yourself, engage a project manager or employ a single contractor.

Either way Shire we can be by your side throughout the process advising and assisting with your every need.

We can also advise on some of our finishing trades contacts for electric, plumbing, heating systems, plastering, bricklayers, painters and decorators.

Once a price is agreed and an order is placed it would typically take approximately 8 - 10 weeks, depending on complexity of the job, before it is required on site.

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