SIPS - Structural Insulated Panels

SIPS is the modern building method of choice for a fast, simple build that meets the highest standards of energy efficiency. SIPS is currently the preferred method of construction for those wanting the highest levels of thermal efficiency, the fastest, simplest build and excellent green credentials. SIPS can be used to construct a wide range of building types, but it particularly lends itself to one off Eco-Home style builds where its many benefits can be fully appreciated by the client.

Using high-insulation expanded-foam sandwiched between two OSB panels the completed panel incorporates the insulation into the structure of the building, offering a simple yet incredibly strong and thermally efficient build.

SIPS is currently being widely embraced by innovators, particularly within the self-build sector. However it is equally suitable for use in many other sectors, including; education, leisure, retail and social housing. Awareness of the huge benefits of building with SIPS is quickly growing among construction managers. Perhaps the greatest attraction of using SIPS is that it offers one of the most cost effective ways of meeting the Code for Sustainable Housing codes 4,5 and 6 and BREEAM standards of excellence.

R Brown & Sons can offer a complete SIPS solution to any build, no matter how complex.

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